Krah Pipe Extruder

Krah Pipe Extruder can produce pipe size from Ø200~Ø3000mm which is widely used in fields of civil water drain, wastewater drain. The pipe could also be made by the recycled polyethylene material. These properties make it superior advantages compared with other kinds of drainage pipe.

Advantages of Krah Pipe Extruder

1) The investment is lower and the automatic control system is easy for operation and maintenance.
2) Adopt winding method by winding the semi-round two side circle profile
3) The inner PE-layer is Composited with the U-type pipe in melting condition. And they will never been delaminated after spraying cooling forming, with good adhesion effect.
4)Adopting Electric-magnetic heating system which can save 40% to 60% electric power.
5)All Electric Part (breaker/ motor/ INCKO/ Inverter) is Siemens/ Schneider/ Omron.
6)Production Speed is 1-20m/min.
7)Max. Pipe Size: 3000mm.

Sample Display of Krah Pipe Extruder

1) Light weight-per-meter
2) Belling link, tight cementation
3) Pressure against, high strength
4) Anti-frozen and long service life (50 years )
5) Convenient construction

The Features of Krah Pipe

Material used in the Krah Pipe

Krah Pipe are made of different grades of pure polyethylene or polypropylene, with excellent corrosion resistance, leakage, pipe displacement and permeability properties. In addition to being a permanent solution for generations, the Krah piping system provides sustainable, environmentally sound and economical solutions for a wide range of applications, including water supply, sewer systems, drainage, storm water management, Marine outfall/intake, manholes and reservoirs.
Polyethylene (PE80 and PE100) and polypropylene are thermoplastics with excellent properties for the manufacture of water and sewer containers, as well as containers of liquid and solid materials.
Environmentally friendly plastics polythene and polypropylene are resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them ideal for transporting and storing liquids.

Krah Pipe Extruder Exhibition

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